Dev dating cataracs

The Far East Movement track, featuring both the Cataracs and Dev, undeniable success has given Dev the much-needed push to potential superstardom, helping her pen a record deal with Universal Republic.

The 21 year old “Don’t-Call-Me-Ke$ha” songstress plans to bring something new and edgy to pop music.

They wanted to use half Asian models for the shoot to accentuate the minority image in the US and also show off Asian girl beauties.

To an extent, the band has further set a standard party image in the population’s mind about the cool Asian guys and girls and what it is like to party with them at the bar.

She's one of the freshest and fiercest females on the scene, and we heart her!

Dev released a racy and explicit video for the track, which you can check out below.

The music video stays true to the party hard theme of the song. “Bass Down Low” is a total frat track and it’s only a matter of time before her unique sound hits mainstream.

Turn on the radio this summer and tune into the club mixes and you’ll hear The Far East Movement (also known as FM).

They recently blew up with the single “like a G6” featuring the Cataracs and Dev.


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